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College Students Get Hands-on ERP Experience With myGPcloud

More than ten universities across the U.S. are utilizing as a classroom learning tool to demonstrate Microsoft Dynamics GP, a state of the art enterprise resource…

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Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Feature List

Microsoft has just made this GREAT product even better with Dynamics GP 2010 R2.  So much more value has been added, and it is now available for all GP clients who are current on their enhancement plan. The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 update expands key areas of investment for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

Below are some of the features that stand out:


  • Additional analytical SSRS reports (more KPIs and metrics for example)
  • Ability to group Excel reports
  • Multi-company Excel reports
  • Bulk deployment of Excel reports
  • More multi-company reports in general
  • Map-based reports
  • Business Analyzer and addition of Business Analyzer tasks to Office Communicator


  • Add UC to Extender windows
  • Ability to copy lists between Extender objects
  • Add drill-down capabilities to Extender windows
  • Add GP forms to Extender windows

And plenty of more features!

Send us your feedback on your thoughts once you’ve updated!

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What Happened to the Dynamics GP Trial?

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Are you evaluating Dynamics GP?  Looking for the downloadable demo to test drive it?

We recently noticed that Microsoft is no longer allowing prospects to download and install a trial version of Dynamics GP.  They have nothing to hide, in fact, they’ve made is easier for you to do this without the hassle of going through the installation:

Microsoft has a website dedicated to serving prospects who want the look and feel of this accounting system: .  They’ve made this easier so that you don’t have to go through the downloading/installation of the product.  It’s an online interactive tool that allows you to test drive directly from your browser. You can even open up FRx and test drive it too!

The End of Dynamics GP 9.0 Support

Are you still running Dynamics GP 9.0 or older? 

If your answer is no, that’s good.  But if you’re running GP 10.0, then you will need to start to think about upgrading in the next year and a half.  Microsoft plans to end GP 10.0 support sometime October 2012.

If your answer is yes, not good!  Okay, so you say: everything is running smoothly, I don’t need to upgrade!  I understand, BUT if you or your VAR (Value Added Reseller) ever needed Microsoft’s support, their reply would be simple:

 “Unfortunately, you are running a version of Dynamics GP that is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported version.  If you’re still having the issue after you’ve upgrade, feel free to contact us. “

Don’t let your company fall into this situation.

For more on Microsoft Business Solutions product lifecycle, go to:

Side note: Tax and regulatory updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 have been retired as of January 31, 2011

Please, save yourself the frustration and unexpected expense.

First Step to GP 2010 Upgrade

Before calling your partner to inform them that you’re ready for the upgrade… and probably even before you budget the upgrade: review the GP 2010 System Requirements!

If your Microsoft partner is not purchasing the hardware for your upgrade, you and your IT department need to sit down and review (line by line) the requirements on that document because if you’re running workstations that only have 1 GB of RAM, forget about it!

Or let’s say you wanted to get ahead of the game and purchased a 64bit server – guess what?  Now you have to spend more money to have your partner migrate all your FRx reports to Management Reporter (because FRx is not supported on a 64bit machine). 

There’s a small workaround for this (by keeping a separate server for FRx), but you get my point.

Please, save your company the time, money and frustration.  You can access this document in Customer Source.  Microsoft is constantly updating it.

Are auditors harassing you for a copy of GP Manuals?

GP Printable ManualsAre auditors all of the sudden requesting to have copies of the GP manuals?

No fear! This is actually very easy for you to access in GP.  Open up the Dynamics GP application, at the very top right (next to the Address Bar) you will see a Question Mark icon, click on this.  Alternatively, you can use your keyboard and hold ALT + H.

A menu list will drop down. Go down that list and click on Printable Manuals.  There is a manual for practically every module in GP, so save the one’s that apply your company.

Technically, you really don’t need to save these because now you know where to find them!

Tell your auditors the company is trying to be resourceful and environmentally conscious by not printing them.  Let me know how they respond!

Over and out.

Top 4 Reasons to attend Microsoft Convergence

Why should you attend Microsoft Convergence this year in Atlanta (April 10-13)?  Because Infinity will be there!

No, but really, this is the premier event for customers/partners/ISV’s!

Here are the top four reasons you should attend:

  1. You will learn how to get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics solution.
  2. Network and collaborate with your peers and the product experts from Microsoft.
  3. Experience the latest solution innovations, new products, and technologies.
  4. Get insights into Microsoft’s corporate direction, and understand future plans for our Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Plus, Convergence 2011 Atlanta is cost-effective and easy to attend. Atlanta offers many affordable hotel options, and the event starts on a Sunday so it will take less time from your work week.

Sounds like a great opportunity, doesn’t it?  To learn more about Convergence 2011 Atlanta, visit the Convergence Web site.

If you cannot attend, you can always count on Infinity to bring back the most valuable information!