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Tight Budget, but Need FRx Reports?

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What Happened to the Dynamics GP Trial?

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Are you evaluating Dynamics GP?  Looking for the downloadable demo to test drive it?

We recently noticed that Microsoft is no longer allowing prospects to download and install a trial version of Dynamics GP.  They have nothing to hide, in fact, they’ve made is easier for you to do this without the hassle of going through the installation:

Microsoft has a website dedicated to serving prospects who want the look and feel of this accounting system: .  They’ve made this easier so that you don’t have to go through the downloading/installation of the product.  It’s an online interactive tool that allows you to test drive directly from your browser. You can even open up FRx and test drive it too!

FRx How-To: Print FRx Reports to a PDF

For whatever reason, you NEED your FRx reports saved in a PDF file!

Good news! It’s not a built-in feature in FRx, but in this video we show you how this can be done.

There are other PDF printer applications besides PrimoPDF you can use, but I personally like to use this one even when it’s not FRx related. It’s downloadable at:;6

Hope this helps!

New & Cool Features in Management Reporter

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As you probably already know, FRx 6.7 is officially unavailable for anyone to buy (no more exceptions).  And now you’re stuck with implementing Management Reporter.

It’s probably not as bad as you may think it is.  Unless you’re having issues with the installations/configuration aspect, as I’ve heard some companies aren’t finding the Migration Wizard as easy as Microsoft is claiming.

Here are some new and cool features you’ll appreciate in Management Reporter:

  • You are now able to Undo/Redo a change, which is available in the Reporting Tree, Row and Column Definition
  • It looks very similar to FRx, but at the same time has a clean New User Interface
  • You can now tailor your workspace by Hiding Columns in Rows, Columns and Trees
  • Remember how you had to save reports before generating them? Well, you can now Generate Unsaved Reports
  • You’re able to Insert Graphics (e.g. company logo) into the header and footer of your reports
  • An easy Checkbox to Allow Negative #’s Appear in Red

I’m really big on aesthetics so you know I’m excited about the fact that we’re now able to insert graphics!

So You Tried to Impress Your Boss…

By changing the different font styles that I showed you a couple of weeks ago, and he/she responded this way:

Unfortunately, I can’t help you there.  You can’t say I didn’t try, though! 🙂

Have a GREAT weekend!

First Step to GP 2010 Upgrade

Before calling your partner to inform them that you’re ready for the upgrade… and probably even before you budget the upgrade: review the GP 2010 System Requirements!

If your Microsoft partner is not purchasing the hardware for your upgrade, you and your IT department need to sit down and review (line by line) the requirements on that document because if you’re running workstations that only have 1 GB of RAM, forget about it!

Or let’s say you wanted to get ahead of the game and purchased a 64bit server – guess what?  Now you have to spend more money to have your partner migrate all your FRx reports to Management Reporter (because FRx is not supported on a 64bit machine). 

There’s a small workaround for this (by keeping a separate server for FRx), but you get my point.

Please, save your company the time, money and frustration.  You can access this document in Customer Source.  Microsoft is constantly updating it.

FRx Question: Can I Add Our Company Logo to a Report?

So you want to impress your boss by adding the company logo to your reports in FRx? 

Short Answer: Not possible in FRx.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in FRx 6.7.  I doubt that Microsoft will make this feature available. Their last major Service Pack was back in 2008.  But, if absolutely necessary, you can export the report to Excel or to a PDF and add it there. That’s probably the closest you’re going to get.

The good news is that Management Reporter (FRx’s replacement product) does have this capability. Before you decide to migrate to Management Reporter, please make yourself aware that Management Reporter might still be missing some capabilities that FRx has!

Good luck!