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FRx How-To: Print FRx Reports to a PDF

For whatever reason, you NEED your FRx reports saved in a PDF file!

Good news! It’s not a built-in feature in FRx, but in this video we show you how this can be done.

There are other PDF printer applications besides PrimoPDF you can use, but I personally like to use this one even when it’s not FRx related. It’s downloadable at:;6

Hope this helps!


New & Cool Features in Management Reporter

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As you probably already know, FRx 6.7 is officially unavailable for anyone to buy (no more exceptions).  And now you’re stuck with implementing Management Reporter.

It’s probably not as bad as you may think it is.  Unless you’re having issues with the installations/configuration aspect, as I’ve heard some companies aren’t finding the Migration Wizard as easy as Microsoft is claiming.

Here are some new and cool features you’ll appreciate in Management Reporter:

  • You are now able to Undo/Redo a change, which is available in the Reporting Tree, Row and Column Definition
  • It looks very similar to FRx, but at the same time has a clean New User Interface
  • You can now tailor your workspace by Hiding Columns in Rows, Columns and Trees
  • Remember how you had to save reports before generating them? Well, you can now Generate Unsaved Reports
  • You’re able to Insert Graphics (e.g. company logo) into the header and footer of your reports
  • An easy Checkbox to Allow Negative #’s Appear in Red

I’m really big on aesthetics so you know I’m excited about the fact that we’re now able to insert graphics!

So You Tried to Impress Your Boss…

By changing the different font styles that I showed you a couple of weeks ago, and he/she responded this way:

Unfortunately, I can’t help you there.  You can’t say I didn’t try, though! 🙂

Have a GREAT weekend!

FRx How-To: Create/Edit Font Styles

Are you tired of analyzing the same formatted report year after year? Period after period? Looking to add some color? Shading? Or changing the font to your favorite font style?

FRx makes it easy for you to do this and below is a video on how to do this step-by-step. Open up FRx Report Designer (Start Menu>All Programs>FRx 6.7>Report Designer). It doesn’t matter which company you’re logged in to.  I tried to make this as simple as possible, therefore, keep in mind that this isn’t the only way make these changes.

Things to remember: 

  •  In the video, I chose the first Row Format from the window simply because it doesn’t matter which Row Format or Column format I use.  Adding a new Font Style will allow me to use it throughout FRx.
  • When you create a new font style and you try to use it on a machine that doesn’t have the font installed locally, the font will not appear.  You can either choose a common font that is provided with Microsoft Office, or you will have to install the font locally on each machine that uses FRx.

Hope this helps!