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Are auditors harassing you for a copy of GP Manuals?

GP Printable ManualsAre auditors all of the sudden requesting to have copies of the GP manuals?

No fear! This is actually very easy for you to access in GP.  Open up the Dynamics GP application, at the very top right (next to the Address Bar) you will see a Question Mark icon, click on this.  Alternatively, you can use your keyboard and hold ALT + H.

A menu list will drop down. Go down that list and click on Printable Manuals.  There is a manual for practically every module in GP, so save the one’s that apply your company.

Technically, you really don’t need to save these because now you know where to find them!

Tell your auditors the company is trying to be resourceful and environmentally conscious by not printing them.  Let me know how they respond!

Over and out.